Sports betting is no longer a mugs game? Matched betting?

Sports betting has always been a dubious pass time. The bookies will always win over a long period of time barring some outrageous luck. It’s set up that way. Bookies are a business and businesses are aiming to make money. Lots of money.

But now there is a way for the punter to get a little bit back from the bookie. That method is called matched betting.

We talked to the owner of a website called Profit Maker about this new trend.

Q: What is matched betting

A: Matched betting is a method we use to make money from bookies by backing and laying sports events

Q: Is this legal?

A: Absolutely. We are breaking no rules or laws doing this. It’s been mentioned by Martin Lewis on the TV many many times.

Q: How do we learn how to do this?

A: Easiest and best way is to join a matched betting service like Oddsmonkey. You can read my review of Oddsmonkey here

Q: Are they the only matcherd betting service?

A: No there is also one called Profit Accumulator, you can read my review of Profit Accumulator here

Q: How much money can we make

A: It varies but if you commit you can make in excess of £1000 per month

Q: Wow. Seems to good to be true. Whats the catch

A: There is no catch really. You need some money to get started but your money is never at risk.

Q: Who can do this?

A: Anyone over the age of 18 in the UK can take part. It may be possible to do this from abroad but I haven’t looked into it.

Q: How much money have you made yourself?

A: It’s a lot. I have been doing this a while. It is a 5 figure sum.

Q: Anything else we need to know

A: Yes but all the answers can be found on my blog.

We looked into this after our interview with profit maker and can confirm that everything they said is true. We will be getting involved in this as soon as we can!